Simple Nursery DIYs

The nursery is near completion! Along the way, the walls have been painted and my mother helped me install a burlap accent wall. I’ve also completed some simple, inexpensive, solo DIY projects to add some personal touches to the space. The first was painting the RAST 3 drawer chests from IKEA that we’re using as nightstands. They were a good price and made of untreated solid wood, which made painting them simple, too.


I had some quarts of Clark + Kensington Anchors Away 5062 that were free from a promotion at Ace Hardware (it’s also the same color on the family room‘s accent wall in our old home).

For the knobs, I used a metallic gold spray paint.

And here’s the final result…

Another piece that got a paint makeover was a sign that my husband found on clearance at Ross when we first moved to Charleston in January. After having our daughter, my husband and I had faith that we would have another son and we had fallen in love with the name Noël. It was almost a sign that my husband found this sign in a store. 🙂

After painting this sign, I used a little more metallic gold spray paint to transform some lanterns I found in Target’s One Spot.

And my final DIY project was making some shell balls. They’re made from foam ornaments found at Walmart for 2/$.96, decorative shells from Dollar Tree, and some hot glue. After a couple hours and some hot glue burns, I ended up with some nice custom shell accessories.

DIYs don’t have to be difficult or expensive, these only took a little paint and some materials from places you probably shop frequently. There are just a few more things to do until the nursery is complete. I would love for you to come back and check out the final reveal!



Our Little Winter Wonderland

So, I may have overdone it this year with Christmas decorations. Currently there are 18 trees in our home made of different materials and ranging in size from 6 inches to 6.5 feet tall. I am guilty of buying clearance decorations each year after Christmas, packing them away, and then being completely surprised when I open the bins the following year because I’ve forgotten what I’ve bought. It does make for a nice surprise, though, like a pre-Christmas present opening. 🙂

This is what was stored in the garage, a collection of decorations spanning 7 years.

After 2 days of decorating, along with my kids’ help, this is how everything turned out (daytime view).

And at night, when everything is lit up.

I love how everything sparkles! All the decorations have been bought over the years from Target, Walmart, and Dollar Tree. This year, the tree ornaments are all silver, gold, and lime and most are angels to go along with my fiber optic angel tree topper that I adore, purchased when I was pregnant with my 1st child. On the table are keepsake ornaments for my kids including Classic Pooh, Baby’s 1st Christmas, and even one that my son made. I also enjoy being able to look back at how our family has changed over the years in family Christmas photos. A definite change from last year’s Christmas, and all the years prior to that, is the addition of a gift box tree stand that I “diy-ed”.

My 6.5 foot artificial tree that was purchased like 7 years ago has always looked kind of puny to me, as seen here. I needed a sturdy way to raise it a couple feet off the floor. I had an old LACK side table from Ikea in the garage that wasn’t being used and would be sturdy enough to hold the tree. Then Mom gave me the brilliant idea of turning it into a gift box to hide the table. With some pieces of cardboard, ribbon and wrapping paper from Dollar Tree (adhered with tape and a hot glue gun), and some tulle from Walmart, I now have an inexpensive tree stand that makes my puny tree appear more substantial. Here’s what I used.


Hooray for an easy/inexpensive diy and affordable holiday décor! 🙂

Apartment Makeover: Bedrooms & Baths

Back in August, I was blessed with the opportunity to complete the 1st phase of an apartment makeover, including a living and dining area. I’m so excited to share the final result, with the completion of the apartment’s 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. For a refresher, here’s the floor plan:


 Here are before photos of the master bedroom and bath:

The only real requirements for these spaces were an upholstered headboard (which my client wanted to DIY) and a dedicated workspace, so she could work in her bedroom instead of using the dining table. The first things I found were for her bathroom, so the color scheme became variations of teal and yellowy gold. Most everything in these spaces was purchased brand new, besides the mirror and woven trunk. Here are the after photos:


Here are the before photos of the guest bedroom and main bath:


For the guest bedroom and main bath, the only requirements were that the bedroom be relaxing and inviting, so that my client would be able to possibly entice a future roommate. She also wanted a work area in the bedroom, too, with the desk and desk chair matching hers in case she needed to use them in the same room at one point. The only existing furniture that was used was the floor lamp from her bedroom and a dresser/mirror combo and queen bed that she had purchased from Craigslist before the makeover began. My client took on another DIY project and painted the set black to match the desk. The color schemes for both spaces are variations of the living and dining areas. I removed the red in the guest bedroom using just yellow, gray, and white. The bathroom has the gray and white, but with a variation of the red from the main living areas in the form of copper.

Here are the after photos:


I also made a small adjustment in the dining area. My client needed some more dinnerware and drinkware to entertain for the holidays. So, I used them to make a small display rather than just having them stored in the kitchen cabinets.




I am so pleased with how everything turned out, and so is my client! Her words on my “thank you” note express it best…”You have made my house into a home and my home into an oasis. Everything is Awesome.”

It doesn’t get much better than that! I absolutely love a great before and after. Design is more than just making spaces look “pretty”; it’s about the feel and atmosphere of the space and how it creates peace, function, awe, and happiness for someone. If you’re in a need of a big transformation, but don’t have a big budget, I may be able to help.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the 1st part of this apartment makeover, please go here.


Apartment Makeover: Living & Dining Areas

Well, after sharing my 100th post a little over 2 months ago, I guess it’s time to wipe the dust off my computer keyboard. I’ll just say it was my summer vacation from blogging. Today my oldest child began 1st grade at a new school. Man, how time flies! Since the school year has officially started, what better way is there to come back from a 2 month hiatus than with a new and exciting (for me and hopefully you, too) post? Over the summer, I was blessed with an opportunity to work on an apartment makeover, my 1st client of my very own…ever (outside of lending design assistance/advice to family and friends). The apartment is a little over 1000 square feet. Here’s the floor plan:


And here’s the floor plan with a simple furniture layout.

This makeover will be done is phases; the 1st spaces my client wanted done were the Living and Dining areas. My client moved to Charleston from another state and decided to start fresh and sold  much of her old furniture, art, accessories, etc. prior to the move. As far as design preferences go, she wanted a “comfy cozy” space that wasn’t super modern with earth tones and some red accent pieces. She also wanted a gray sofa similar to this one.  Here are the before pictures I took when I went to go measure the spaces and see what pieces she already had that could be incorporated into the design.

Drawing inspiration from the accessories my client already had and her desire for earth tones and a “World Market” feel, I decided to do a color scheme of gray, red, and yellow with a modern global feel. The black cocktail ottoman was the only furniture piece I used from what she already had. Here are some of the things I found at local stores like At Home (Garden Ridge), Ross, and T.J. Maxx.

Some items were returned/exchanged for others that were more affordable or that better complemented the design. And now cue the drum roll, please…

Here are the newly designed Living and Dining areas!


I absolutely love how everything turned out, and so does my client! Most of all I feel blessed to do what I love doing most, what I feel I’m called to do. The greatest satisfaction any designer can have is witnessing the powerful transformation from before to after and knowing that you made someone smile in the process. My greatest joy is being able to create a great space that a normal, everyday working person can actually afford. I know what it’s like to have champagne wishes and caviar dreams, but your wallet not reflect that. Especially living on one income, I know the importance of shopping smart to achieve a desired look. If you need help in achieving your design goals, I would love to help! I like to think of myself as a designer for everyday people. I offer online consulting as well as personal shopping and installation. (I can even work with you one room at a time.) Please feel free to contact me about design assistance; I would love to hear from you!


Home Style Sale at Target

Target is currently having a Home Style Sale with up to 25% off home trends. Along with the savings in price, you can also save an additional 5%  and get free shipping by using a REDcard. There’s also free shipping when you spend at least $50 and some items are eligible for free store pick up. Here are a few items featured in the sale.




Z GALLERIE Look for Less: Mandarin

A couple months ago, I was inspired by Issue 2 of Z Gallerie’s Spring/Summer 2014 Look Book. I absolutely love Z Gallerie, but their prices are a bit high for me. They are a great source for inspiration, though. I showed how you can knock off their Sapphire Splendor look here, and you can also do the same with this Mandarin look.


Bold, beautiful mandarin orange and crisp white with gold and silver accents create a stunning look. Now, here’s how you can knock off this look with more affordable and accessible options.

#targetstyle: Minimalism


The final trend featured in this commercial is Minimalism. Following the popular motto, Less is More, this design trend reduces everything down to what is necessary only. Highly influenced by traditional Japanese design and architecture, design elements are kept simple. Plain, simple furniture with subdued colors; no clutter; clear surfaces; and simple art and accessories best reflect this style. So, here’s what I came up with.


To see the previous trends, go here.

#targetstyle: World Prints

The 2nd #targetstyle trend on this commercial is World Prints. For home dĂ©cor, it makes me think of natural colors and materials, texture, global references that are signature to certain regions, ikat, carvings, embroidery, etc. So here’s my interpretation of how this trend can translate to design elements in a home.

To start with the 1st trend, go here.

#targetstyle: Pastels for the Home

Whenever this commercial for Target comes on, it always catches my attention. I guess it’s a combination of the catchy song and the imagery. Target is always on trend, and this commercial has become a source of inspiration for me and how the 5 trends it showcases can translate to interior design. The trends featured are:

1. Pastels

2. World Prints

3. Aquatic Beauty

4. 60’s Mod

5. Minimalism

So, here’s what I’ve come up with for the 1st trend, PASTELS.

Colorful Finds for Less

I must admit that I love Target. If it ever went out of business, I don’t know what I’d do!!! Right now, Target is having a spring home sale with savings up to 30%. You can also get a free $10 gift card when you spend $50.  In celebration of spring and anticipation of summer, here are some colorful dĂ©cor finds that are all on sale/clearance.