Simple Nursery DIYs

The nursery is near completion! Along the way, the walls have been painted and my mother helped me install a burlap accent wall. I’ve also completed some simple, inexpensive, solo DIY projects to add some personal touches to the space. The first was painting the RAST 3 drawer chests from IKEA that we’re using as nightstands. They were a good price and made of untreated solid wood, which made painting them simple, too.


I had some quarts of Clark + Kensington Anchors Away 5062 that were free from a promotion at Ace Hardware (it’s also the same color on the family room‘s accent wall in our old home).

For the knobs, I used a metallic gold spray paint.

And here’s the final result…

Another piece that got a paint makeover was a sign that my husband found on clearance at Ross when we first moved to Charleston in January. After having our daughter, my husband and I had faith that we would have another son and we had fallen in love with the name Noël. It was almost a sign that my husband found this sign in a store. 🙂

After painting this sign, I used a little more metallic gold spray paint to transform some lanterns I found in Target’s One Spot.

And my final DIY project was making some shell balls. They’re made from foam ornaments found at Walmart for 2/$.96, decorative shells from Dollar Tree, and some hot glue. After a couple hours and some hot glue burns, I ended up with some nice custom shell accessories.

DIYs don’t have to be difficult or expensive, these only took a little paint and some materials from places you probably shop frequently. There are just a few more things to do until the nursery is complete. I would love for you to come back and check out the final reveal!



Bedroom 4/Izzy’s Room

My baby girl will be 2 soon and I’ve been working to get her big girl room ready, so she can make an easy transition from crib to bed. The color scheme is pretty much the same as that of her old nursery, but the white accents have been replaced with black. Before we moved, I found a complete bedding set on clearance for $15. It had the same yellow color as her nursery bedding, but no gray and the addition of black. But, $15 for 5 pieces is not bad! Who cares if it’s considered “dorm” bedding.


So with the bedding choice complete, I decided to get a black daybed and spray paint some old things to bring some more of the color into the room. Most of the other pieces are a combination of old things from her nursery and her brother’s room. So, here’s what we have so far!

Daybed (new): Walmart’s Hayley Twin Daybed for $129 and free shipping

Twin mattress (new): Garden Ridge for $72 with 10% off coupon

Bedding (new): Target clearance for $15

Bedskirt (new): Room Essentials® in black for $13

Canopy (new): Ikea’s BRYNE net for $20

Window panels (new): Ikea’s EIVOR Curtains for $15/pair


Drapery rod & hardware (new): Ross for $6

Chest, small dresser, chair, mirror, frames, bling letters (old): DIY

Easel (old from brother’s room): Ikea’s MALA easel for $15

Table (old from brother’s room): Ikea’s LACK side table for $10

Tall dresser (old from brother’s room): Ikea’s KULLEN chest for around $40 (like 3 years ago)

There’s still more to be done to this room, but I think this is a good start. The walls definitely need to be painted, maybe some more pillows on the bed, a ceiling light fixture, and maybe something on the wall next to the mirror and dresser. It’s a work in progress because you’re never quite done designing a space!

Bedroom 3/Guest Bedroom

A definite perk of the square footage of our new home is being able to have a real guest bedroom for the 1st time. It’s nice to be able to have a comfortable place for family and friends to sleep and enjoy when they come to visit. Like the rest of the spaces in our home, the guest bedroom is a mix of old and new. The color scheme for this space was determined by art and bedding components that we already had from our old master bedroom. Rather than buying new everything for this room, we decided to use a lot of what we already had.


The bed and queen  mattress were purchased new. We chose the Bali Bronze Metal Bed from because of the price and free shipping. Its frame also includes metal slats that support the mattress, so we didn’t need a box spring, too. The mattress was bought for $135 from Garden Ridge using a 10% off coupon.


Nightstands (old): Ikea’s LINDVED Side Table for $20/each

Table Lamps (old): Ikea’s MAGNARP Table Lamp for $13 each

Art (old): Target clearance


The 2 shams and matching duvet folded at the end of the bed came from the king set we used in our old master bedroom.

The comforter, 2 of the shams (the 2 matching the comforter are being used with the bedding in our master bedroom now), and the sheets are from this clearance set bought at Target for $21.

I found this queen bedskirt on clearance for less than $5 and it brings in a little more blue rather than using the gray one that came with the set.

Another clearance find was used to cover an old body pillow we had.

A drapery rod set in the same finish as the bed was purchased from Ross for $5 and MARMORBLAD panels come from Ikea for $15/pair.

With some great clearance finds, bargains, and re-using some old, we have a nice guest retreat that didn’t break the bank!

Front Porch Makeover

When we first moved into our home, around 2.5 months ago, it was still cold outside and the front porch got a little neglected with our trying to get the inside of the house in order. I brought some potted perennial plants with me from Atlanta, but I wasn’t sure if they were going to come back this spring because the winter had been so cold, especially days before we moved (and my poor plants sat inside the freezing truck). And it seems that we brought the cold weather with us because we had the joy of experiencing the ice storm in Charleston that caused a power outage for 2 days! So, here’s how my poor plants  and porch looked:





I took a visit to Lowe’s and bought some potting soil and packs of flowers that were marked down from $9.98 to $.63 (yes, I even buy plants on clearance, too!) and some coconut liners from Big Lots to use on the plant stand.

After I trimmed the dead parts of the plants (I didn’t mess with the roots just in case my perennials came back), I planted the new flowers in my old pots and added coconut liners to the 3 tier plant stand and added flowers to that. Here’s the end result:

Better, but the seat cushions were old and dirty and the chairs looked dingy. So, I spray painted the chairs and found some new cushions at Ross to go with these 2 I had found at Target before we moved.

I also added some solar lights to our walkway that I bought on clearance at Target before we moved.

So here’s how the front porch looks now. I moved some things around and added a potted mandevilla plant bought on clearance from Lowe’s and a pillow from World Market that I got for $11 after coupons. I re-used the 2 pillows I bought from Old Time Pottery around $8 each a couple years ago. And my perennials are coming back, too!

Now we’re ready for spring, and the front porch looks so much more inviting.

Progress: Dining Room (Kinda)

Ok, so this post is supposed to be about our Dining Room; however, we have no dining table nor chairs. Instead of using this space as a traditional dining space, we’ve decided to use it as my husband’s study. Since he’s an avid Bible scholar, his collection of Bibles and inspirational books are proudly displayed, as well as art and accessories that affirm our faith. After all, God is the reason for this beautiful home we’ve been blessed with! It seems only right to honor Him at the entrance of our home and set the right atmosphere for the rest of our spaces.

Sectional (old): from mom 🙂 (originally from Jennifer Convertibles)

Black Side Table (old): Ikea for less than $20

Mirrored Tables (old): Target clearance at $30 each

Desk (old): Coaster Furniture around $150 (like 7 years ago)

Desk Chair (new): FINGAL swivel chair from Ikea for $40

Rug (old): Sphinx Tones by Oriental Weavers

Black Ladder Bookcase (new): Garden Ridge for $63 with 10% off coupon

Drapery panels (new): Ross for $20/pair

Drapery pole & hardware (new): Ross for $5

Wall Quote Art (new): Kirkland’s clearance for less than $5 each

Gold Mirror (old): Target clearance for $12.50

Lamps (old): Walmart

Gold Nate Berkus tray (new): Target clearance for less than $10

Black & white candles and gold holder (old): Target clearance for less than $10

Faux black leather magazine holder (old): Target clearance for less than $20

Gray throw (old): Target clearance for less than $10

Gray Pillows (old): Target clearance for $12.50 each

Other Pillows (new): see below

Black & gold Nate Berkus pillows (new): Target clearance for $7.48 each

White with black & gold pillows (new): Garden Ridge clearance for $3.25 each

Basket under desk (new): TJ Maxx for $10

We love this room so far! Of course, I hate the white walls. Eventually, we’ll add some more art and accessories and replace the old dining light fixture that we took down. Remember, you don’t have to pay full price for anything (unless you want to). I try to save $ on whatever I can, whether it’s buying on clearance, using coupons, or buying from unexpected stores. Need help finding some affordable options? I would love to help!!!


See the updated paint color here!



Progress: Kitchen

Just like the Family Room, our Kitchen is a mix of old and new elements. With its location adjacent to the Family Room, we decided to stick with the same color palette. I like to call it Lemon/Lime/Licorice:

The table is from our previous home’s dining room. It’s by Sitcom Furniture, and I purchased it from a interior design warehouse around 7 years ago. The new chairs are Ikea’s VILMAR seat shell and VILMAR chair frame for $39 each. I love the graphic print and the fact that they’re durable and easy to clean! I’ve learned my lesson from my old dining chairs (that got pretty beat up) that fabric on dining chairs and children don’t mix well. The rug is from Rugs USA; when I ordered it, they were having a 70% off sale with free shipping. For the 6 ft. round, I paid $35. The table runner is new, Target clearance for $5. The round tray (Ikea) and apples (Marshall’s) are from the old house.

The lined, grommet-topped window panels are from Ross (2 pairs for $20/pair) and pole and hardware from Ikea for $8.

The green stools are Target clearance bought in-store for $66.48 for a set of 2. Again, no fabric for easy cleaning. 🙂


Green vase on counter top was a clearance find at Home Goods for $9.

The new wall art is $7.50 from Garden Ridge, marked down by 50%. Gray vases and potted plants above cabinets are from Ikea (from the old house). And the metal art above cabinets is from Big Lots (also re-used from the old house).

A red-line through a bar code at Garden Ridge means the item is marked down, either 50% or 75% off, depending on which signs they have displayed.


I’m pleased with the progress of the Kitchen, although I’m sure there will be more changes…paint, more accessories, new light fixture over table, back splash? We’ll see! If you haven’t learned anything about me by now, I love a good deal! Clearance stickers and markdowns are the best, and  I don’t believe that you have to pay full price to get the look you desire.