Quick Change with Spray Paint

I’ve been working on my daughter’s big girl room and I’m trying to incorporate most of the pieces from her nursery, so I don’t have to buy all new stuff. I did just buy this new daybed because she can’t sleep in her crib forever! The daybed is black and there wasn’t any black at all in her nursery, so I’m trying to add some in the room so the daybed makes sense. I figured I could just spray paint some of the old things black to match.

She had a mirror and 2 small wall ledges that seemed easy enough to change.

The mirror and pegs were easy to remove from the frame with a screwdriver, so I didn’t have to try to cover them before spraying.



I ended up having to do 2 coats.

Here are some other pieces that will be used in the room that went through simple, quick changes.

This chest, that was given to us, was first used in my son’s nursery. For my daughter’s nursery, my FIL painted it the same color as the accent wall and I added new drawer pulls.


I bought this small dresser on clearance for $25 from Garden Ridge. I really liked the knobs on it. My husband sanded it and painted it with leftover yellow paint and the accent wall color.


I bought this little chair on clearance for $12.50 at Garden Ridge. Here’s what it looks like after mom recovered it and I added a little bling.


I bought some paper mache letters and some acrylic stones using a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby.

glue and paint

I painted all the letters with the metallic silver paint and let them dry. Then I added the stones using tacky glue.


I have a few more things to do in this room, but it should be done soon. Stay tuned for the reveal! 🙂


Home Staging Tips

1. Clean Your House
2. De-Clutter
3. Remove/Conceal Personal Items (photos,memorabilia, etc.)
4. Update Walls with Paint
5. Create a Memorable 1st Impression
6. Don’t Overcrowd Rooms
7. Maximize Lighting (open blinds and curtains, add lamps to dark rooms)
8. Repair any Visible Damage
9. Manicure the Front and Back Yard
10. Add an Element of Surprise (fresh flowers, soft music, candles)

China Town

I’ve always wanted a china cabinet to display my dishes and glasses. Until I’m able to check that off my furniture wish list, I’m going to use what I have for now. In my dining area, I have an EXPEDIT shelving unit from Ikea that I used to display family photos and to hide toys in the fabric bins. Now, it’s going to serve as a new home for my china!

BAM! (and no, not the Emeril kind)

BAM! (and no, not the Emeril kind)

Whenever I get a moment, I love to peruse the clearance section on Target’s website. I don’t have to leave the comfort of my home and I can find great deals (it’s a win-win)! Plus, if you have a REDcard, you get 5% off and free shipping. I found this cute pillow for less than $7 that goes perfectly in my son’s Super Hero bedroom.

New Custom Pillow for 99 Cents!

New Custom Pillow for 99 Cents!

I just got this custom photo pillow made by Shutterfly (the photo was taken by Jnelly Photography during a promo video shoot), and I paid less than $1 for it! It looks great in person, too. If you haven’t visited Shutterfly’s site, it’s worth a shot. They give you free prints just for creating a new account. Occasionally, they send you codes for free gifts and discounts via email. Also, some stores give you coupons after making a purchase, like Carter’s and Target. I was able to get this pillow using a $20 offer from Carter’s and a 40% off offer randomly sent to my email. The pillow’s original price was $34.99 ($34.99 – 40% = $20.99 – $20 credit = $.99). I just had to pay the shipping and handling charges. It’s so nice to get a memorable keepsake piece at a discounted price!

This custom pillow now has a new home in our foyer.