Nursery Reveal

It may be chilly outside here in Charleston; but in my mind, I’m some where on the beach. Noël‘s coastal nursery is finally finished! We began right before Thanksgiving when my husband painted the walls, and my parents came over last night to add a final DIY detail. Without further delay, here’s the nursery! 🙂



The crib and changing table are hand-me-downs from my oldest son. They will have been in each one of my children’s nurseries. Everything else is new. Below is info on where you can find some of the items.


Nightstands (DIY): IKEA

Draperies (2 pairs): IKEA


Brackets: IKEA

Finials: IKEA

Ceiling Light: IKEA

Bedding: Target

Changing Pad Cover: Target

Plaque: Hobby Lobby

Banner: Hobby Lobby

Mirror: Kirkland’s

Oar: Kirkland’s

Anchor Wall Decal (30 x 48 in white): Amazon

Rocking Chair (rockers painted): Amazon

Here are some clearance items I found for the nursery.

Table Lamps: Target Clearance

Lanterns: Target Clearance

 3′ Grey Jute Rug: World Market Clearance

And for one more DIY project, Mom crocheted  a rope to add as trim between the painted walls and ceiling. Dad nailed it up last night. 🙂

For more DIYs, go here.

For burlap accent wall, go here.

For info on paint color, go here.

Noël‘s nursery is complete! Now we’re just waiting for him to make his grand appearance, which should be any day now. We transformed another empty room in our home without spending too much money. You’d be surprised what you can find online and in stores you frequently shop and/or see daily! If you’re in the Charleston area, and need some help with your nursery or another space in your home, I may be able to help. 🙂


Simple Nursery DIYs

The nursery is near completion! Along the way, the walls have been painted and my mother helped me install a burlap accent wall. I’ve also completed some simple, inexpensive, solo DIY projects to add some personal touches to the space. The first was painting the RAST 3 drawer chests from IKEA that we’re using as nightstands. They were a good price and made of untreated solid wood, which made painting them simple, too.


I had some quarts of Clark + Kensington Anchors Away 5062 that were free from a promotion at Ace Hardware (it’s also the same color on the family room‘s accent wall in our old home).

For the knobs, I used a metallic gold spray paint.

And here’s the final result…

Another piece that got a paint makeover was a sign that my husband found on clearance at Ross when we first moved to Charleston in January. After having our daughter, my husband and I had faith that we would have another son and we had fallen in love with the name Noël. It was almost a sign that my husband found this sign in a store. 🙂

After painting this sign, I used a little more metallic gold spray paint to transform some lanterns I found in Target’s One Spot.

And my final DIY project was making some shell balls. They’re made from foam ornaments found at Walmart for 2/$.96, decorative shells from Dollar Tree, and some hot glue. After a couple hours and some hot glue burns, I ended up with some nice custom shell accessories.

DIYs don’t have to be difficult or expensive, these only took a little paint and some materials from places you probably shop frequently. There are just a few more things to do until the nursery is complete. I would love for you to come back and check out the final reveal!


Burlap Accent Wall in Nursery

The walls of the nursery were painted by my husband, and the next thing to be done was the accent wall. I was inspired by Bower Power’s “Put a Burlap on It” post from almost 3 years ago. Instead of putting up a seagrass wallpaper to add to the coastal feel, I figured that burlap would give the same textural look (and would be less expensive). This past Sunday, Mom came over to help install it. All we needed were three 3-yard cuts of burlap to cover the wall, and it was on sale at Jo-Ann’s for $2.99/yard. It was easy to install, too…just needed a heavy duty staple gun and a utility knife to trim the edges at the bottom.


Mom tacked the 1st piece of burlap at the top, and then smoothed and stapled the fabric in place.

Izzy “helped”. Excuse the white socks and dress shoes. 🙂

2nd piece is up

And the last piece

It looks great, adds the perfect amount of texture, and enhances the “coastal” feel. Thanks for all your help, Mom! There’s just a few more things left to do before the nursery is complete. 🙂

Bedroom 2/Nursery

These past 2 months have been pretty busy…we completed an apartment makeover and decked the halls and walls. And this has all taken place during the final trimester of my pregnancy. Before this year ends, we will be welcoming a 3rd child into our family, a baby boy. I have less than 4 weeks left, and I’m definitely in the nesting phase…frantically washing clothes, cleaning/dusting everything in sight, and preparing the baby’s nursery. Poor Izzy has been evicted from Bedroom 2 for about a month now. She’s made a smooth transition to her big girl room and hasn’t even bothered the canopy hanging over her bed. Thank you, Lord!

When we moved into our new home in January, we left Bedroom 2 completely bare. We had faith that eventually we would have another child, so we didn’t want to duplicate Izzy’s nursery knowing that she would be relocating in the near future. This is all that was in the room…


A crib and changing table…just the bare necessities!

Since moving to Charleston and being able to enjoy the relaxing calm of the ocean that I grew up with in Virginia Beach, I already had my heart set on a Coastal Nursery as soon as we found out we were pregnant. I knew that I definitely wanted paint and an accent wall for this room.

The hardest part was narrowing down a paint color. Our final decision was Valspar’s Lake Breeze 5007-7B in a flat finish. This was my husband’s first (and last, according to him) solo painting project. And here are the results…

He did a great job, and I’m very happy with our paint choice! We still have a few more things to do in the nursery before the big reveal, but stay tuned to see some simple diy projects and how the accent wall turns out!

Photo Collage with Help from Shutterfly

Way back in May, I decided to add a couple photos to the family room at the same time that I was working on a family photo collage for the foyer. Well, that collage turned out to be an epic fail! I absolutely hated it and took everything down. The frames seemed too small, and there were too many different colors for me. Here’s how it looked. :/


I’ve been getting various offers from Shutterfly since I created baby registries and signed up for formula coupons. Companies just love to give you free products, offers, and coupons when you’re expecting! 🙂 I had a $20 Shutterfly gift card that came with my Babies R Us registry gift bag, a free shipping offer from Stonyfield, and a 40% off everything coupon code that I shared a couple weeks ago on my Facebook page (I frequently share coupon codes and special offers there, so you may want to check it out). So, all I had to do was figure out what I could order for free or next to nothing.

I found this Decorative Wall Decal that I had admired before we moved. It’s a decent size (30×22) and I love the fact that it can be customized like Shutterfly’s other products, including this pillow I made for 99 cents.

The discounted price, after taking 40% off the original price of $29.99, came to $17.99. That wasn’t enough to use my $20 gift card, so I threw in this magnet.

 Here’s the break down of what I actually spent.

The Shutterfly decal became the start of the photo collage on the foyer wall. We added 2 new frames that were BOGO free for Target’s Black Friday sale along with an old one I had.

We’ll continue to add more to this collage, as I dig more frames out of the garage and replace some of the older photos. But thanks to Shutterfly and spending less than $2 on a decal (and magnet), we have a pretty good start!

Go here if you would like access to promo codes, sales, and special offers that I frequently share.

Our Little Winter Wonderland

So, I may have overdone it this year with Christmas decorations. Currently there are 18 trees in our home made of different materials and ranging in size from 6 inches to 6.5 feet tall. I am guilty of buying clearance decorations each year after Christmas, packing them away, and then being completely surprised when I open the bins the following year because I’ve forgotten what I’ve bought. It does make for a nice surprise, though, like a pre-Christmas present opening. 🙂

This is what was stored in the garage, a collection of decorations spanning 7 years.

After 2 days of decorating, along with my kids’ help, this is how everything turned out (daytime view).

And at night, when everything is lit up.

I love how everything sparkles! All the decorations have been bought over the years from Target, Walmart, and Dollar Tree. This year, the tree ornaments are all silver, gold, and lime and most are angels to go along with my fiber optic angel tree topper that I adore, purchased when I was pregnant with my 1st child. On the table are keepsake ornaments for my kids including Classic Pooh, Baby’s 1st Christmas, and even one that my son made. I also enjoy being able to look back at how our family has changed over the years in family Christmas photos. A definite change from last year’s Christmas, and all the years prior to that, is the addition of a gift box tree stand that I “diy-ed”.

My 6.5 foot artificial tree that was purchased like 7 years ago has always looked kind of puny to me, as seen here. I needed a sturdy way to raise it a couple feet off the floor. I had an old LACK side table from Ikea in the garage that wasn’t being used and would be sturdy enough to hold the tree. Then Mom gave me the brilliant idea of turning it into a gift box to hide the table. With some pieces of cardboard, ribbon and wrapping paper from Dollar Tree (adhered with tape and a hot glue gun), and some tulle from Walmart, I now have an inexpensive tree stand that makes my puny tree appear more substantial. Here’s what I used.


Hooray for an easy/inexpensive diy and affordable holiday décor! 🙂

New Light in Study

This past weekend, we took a little trip to Charlotte to visit IKEA. Oh, how I’ve missed my Atlanta IKEA store! Sometimes it’s nice just to walk around and see what’s new and enjoy a cinnamon roll or icecream…yum! We ended up buying a few things, one of which was a new light for the dining room turned study. This is the first room you see when you come in through the front door and the garage, and the lighting definitely did not make a great 1st impression. We had already added an accent wall to create a little “wow” in this space, but it still needed something else. Here’s the original light fixture, since this room was intended to be a dining room.





My husband replaced it with a simple builder’s fixture, since we weren’t going to have a dining table under it.


So boring! My husband and I have loved the PS Maskros Pendant Lamp from IKEA for a long time. Since we were already in the store picking up some other things, we thought “why not?”. My husband took down the old fixture and replaced it with the Maskros, and here’s how it looks in the space now.

I think it looks great! It makes so much more of an impact in the space. I love the shadow pattern it creates on the walls and ceilings. So much better than the builder light…thank you, IKEA!

Outdoor Updates with DIY Landscaping

Oh, how I love plants! Some traits must be transferred through your genes. My maternal grandfather had a huge garden on his land in North Carolina, and my mother loves indoor and outdoor plants. As a teenager, I didn’t enjoy helping her in the yard, but now that I’ve become a homeowner, I realize the value in adding plants to indoor and outdoor spaces. The best part about our new home is that we now have 4 whole sides of yard where I can plant anything I want, as opposed the townhouses we lived in where I had very small areas in the front and back. When we moved into our 2nd townhouse in March 2012, I couldn’t wait to add some plants and landscaping to the backyard.


 Our new home has been no different. The builder landscaped the front of the house, put 2 bushes around the a/c unit on the right side, one plant on the left side,  and one random plant in the back (I have no clue why).

Yup, just 1 random plant in the back. So, I couldn’t wait to add some more plants! Back in March, I paid a visit to my local Lowe’s, and got some great deals in the clearance plant section…knockout roses for $5 each, ruellia for $1 each, and rhoeo for $1 each. The rhoeo was a little suspect, but for just $1, I figured I could take a chance.

It took just a couple of hours 1 afternoon. My husband and I first placed all the plants where we wanted them.

Then my husband began digging the holes. I came behind him and added soil to the bottom of the hole, the plant, and then more soil. We just moved the pine straw out of the way and replaced it after we were done. Eventually, I would like black mulch, but that will require a lot of bags to do all 4 sides of the house.

So, here’s how everything looked in March right after we planted them.

Before (March 2014)


Everything was so small, and the rhoeo looked rather pitiful. My husband also moved that 1 random plant from the back to the right side of the house. The back is still an empty slate for future projects. 🙂 I’m sure my husband is not as excited as I am! Now, here’s how the plants look today after 6 months of good sun and rain.

After (October 2014)

Such a difference! That’s probably why I love gardening so much…the before and after transformation and getting to see if I can nurse a near-dead looking plant back to life. Another planting update I wanted to share is my potted trellis on the front porch. Here’s the before, right after I planted it.

And now…

It’s so pretty and has grown out of control! I had to move it because it kept falling over and crushing my rose plant. Now I wish I had a taller trellis!

If you want to add a little something extra to your outdoor spaces, don’t be afraid to get dirty. You don’t have to spend a lot of money; take a chance on clearance plants. Look for perennials, so you don’t have to replace your plants every spring. Flowers and plants can give you a much needed, natural pop of color to your yard or entry way.

Bedroom 5/Gabe’s Room

A couple weeks ago, I shared my daughter’s room and now it’s my son’s turn. Gabe is 5 and his room has a superhero theme. It’s perfect for a little boy who likes to play, read, and game. Not much has changed from the design since the old house. Many of the furniture pieces and art came from the basement bedroom that served more as a play room than anything else. The only new things that were purchased once we moved to Charleston were some art from Ross, a couple pillows Mom bought, and a nightlight resembling Spiderman’s hand. So here’s what we have so far.


Bunkbed (old): Target clearance for $99

Dresser (old):  Ikea’s MALM in black-brown for $80

Desk, cart, stool with wheels (old): Walmart at least 10 years ago (They’ve been re-purposed for a while, originally from Mom’s house.)

Easel (old): Christmas gift from MIL and FIL a few years ago

Fabric “Toys” Basket (old): HomeGoods around $6

Blue chair and table with attached lamp (old): originally from Mom

BAM & POW art (old): DIY from posters and markers

Grid art (old): DIY from my graphic designer sister with scrapbook paper and blue masking tape

Letters (old): 9″ white wood letters originally from Gabe’s nursery, covered with scrapbook paper

Bulletin Board (old): DIY with blue spray paint, white yarn and scrap book paper

Red and Blue Fabric Storage Bins (old): Walmart for $10/pair

Spiderman head (old): from a poster my husband brought home from work

Dry erase boards used as art and luggage tags sewn on bins (old): Target Dollar Spot clearance for like $.30 each

Spiderman hand light (new): Target for $30

Vintage comic art (new): Ross for $10 each

Bedding (old): free from Mom (Target clearance for $15 each)

So far, so good! We need a window treatment, a ceiling fan/light fixture and maybe some paint. No complaints from Gabe, though. 🙂

A Couple Family Photos

This past weekend, I finally started to dig out some of the family photos we have stashed in our garage. I think I’ve been dreading it and holding off so long because we just have too many! I’m working on a photo collage in the foyer, and while I contemplated giving up on that project, I uncovered 2 of my favorite family photos. I decided that the perfect place for them would be in our family room, on either side of the tv unit. Here’s that area before.


Family Room

Family Room


And with the photos added.


My friend/photographer Janelle graciously allowed us to be her models for her promo video for Jnelly Photography. She’s based out of Atlanta but travels frequently to capture beautiful moments for clients in other areas, too. Please check out her website, facebook page, blog, and consider her the next time you’re in need of an amazing photographer. Here are more of the beautiful moments she captured.


And here’s more about Janelle of Jnelly Photography.