Photo Collage with Help from Shutterfly

Way back in May, I decided to add a couple photos to the family room at the same time that I was working on a family photo collage for the foyer. Well, that collage turned out to be an epic fail! I absolutely hated it and took everything down. The frames seemed too small, and there were too many different colors for me. Here’s how it looked. :/


I’ve been getting various offers from Shutterfly since I created baby registries and signed up for formula coupons. Companies just love to give you free products, offers, and coupons when you’re expecting! 🙂 I had a $20 Shutterfly gift card that came with my Babies R Us registry gift bag, a free shipping offer from Stonyfield, and a 40% off everything coupon code that I shared a couple weeks ago on my Facebook page (I frequently share coupon codes and special offers there, so you may want to check it out). So, all I had to do was figure out what I could order for free or next to nothing.

I found this Decorative Wall Decal that I had admired before we moved. It’s a decent size (30×22) and I love the fact that it can be customized like Shutterfly’s other products, including this pillow I made for 99 cents.

The discounted price, after taking 40% off the original price of $29.99, came to $17.99. That wasn’t enough to use my $20 gift card, so I threw in this magnet.

 Here’s the break down of what I actually spent.

The Shutterfly decal became the start of the photo collage on the foyer wall. We added 2 new frames that were BOGO free for Target’s Black Friday sale along with an old one I had.

We’ll continue to add more to this collage, as I dig more frames out of the garage and replace some of the older photos. But thanks to Shutterfly and spending less than $2 on a decal (and magnet), we have a pretty good start!

Go here if you would like access to promo codes, sales, and special offers that I frequently share.


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