Outdoor Updates with DIY Landscaping

Oh, how I love plants! Some traits must be transferred through your genes. My maternal grandfather had a huge garden on his land in North Carolina, and my mother loves indoor and outdoor plants. As a teenager, I didn’t enjoy helping her in the yard, but now that I’ve become a homeowner, I realize the value in adding plants to indoor and outdoor spaces. The best part about our new home is that we now have 4 whole sides of yard where I can plant anything I want, as opposed the townhouses we lived in where I had very small areas in the front and back. When we moved into our 2nd townhouse in March 2012, I couldn’t wait to add some plants and landscaping to the backyard.


 Our new home has been no different. The builder landscaped the front of the house, put 2 bushes around the a/c unit on the right side, one plant on the left side,  and one random plant in the back (I have no clue why).

Yup, just 1 random plant in the back. So, I couldn’t wait to add some more plants! Back in March, I paid a visit to my local Lowe’s, and got some great deals in the clearance plant section…knockout roses for $5 each, ruellia for $1 each, and rhoeo for $1 each. The rhoeo was a little suspect, but for just $1, I figured I could take a chance.

It took just a couple of hours 1 afternoon. My husband and I first placed all the plants where we wanted them.

Then my husband began digging the holes. I came behind him and added soil to the bottom of the hole, the plant, and then more soil. We just moved the pine straw out of the way and replaced it after we were done. Eventually, I would like black mulch, but that will require a lot of bags to do all 4 sides of the house.

So, here’s how everything looked in March right after we planted them.

Before (March 2014)


Everything was so small, and the rhoeo looked rather pitiful. My husband also moved that 1 random plant from the back to the right side of the house. The back is still an empty slate for future projects. 🙂 I’m sure my husband is not as excited as I am! Now, here’s how the plants look today after 6 months of good sun and rain.

After (October 2014)

Such a difference! That’s probably why I love gardening so much…the before and after transformation and getting to see if I can nurse a near-dead looking plant back to life. Another planting update I wanted to share is my potted trellis on the front porch. Here’s the before, right after I planted it.

And now…

It’s so pretty and has grown out of control! I had to move it because it kept falling over and crushing my rose plant. Now I wish I had a taller trellis!

If you want to add a little something extra to your outdoor spaces, don’t be afraid to get dirty. You don’t have to spend a lot of money; take a chance on clearance plants. Look for perennials, so you don’t have to replace your plants every spring. Flowers and plants can give you a much needed, natural pop of color to your yard or entry way.


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