Apartment Makeover: Living & Dining Areas

Well, after sharing my 100th post a little over 2 months ago, I guess it’s time to wipe the dust off my computer keyboard. I’ll just say it was my summer vacation from blogging. Today my oldest child began 1st grade at a new school. Man, how time flies! Since the school year has officially started, what better way is there to come back from a 2 month hiatus than with a new and exciting (for me and hopefully you, too) post? Over the summer, I was blessed with an opportunity to work on an apartment makeover, my 1st client of my very own…ever (outside of lending design assistance/advice to family and friends). The apartment is a little over 1000 square feet. Here’s the floor plan:


And here’s the floor plan with a simple furniture layout.

This makeover will be done is phases; the 1st spaces my client wanted done were the Living and Dining areas. My client moved to Charleston from another state and decided to start fresh and sold  much of her old furniture, art, accessories, etc. prior to the move. As far as design preferences go, she wanted a “comfy cozy” space that wasn’t super modern with earth tones and some red accent pieces. She also wanted a gray sofa similar to this one.  Here are the before pictures I took when I went to go measure the spaces and see what pieces she already had that could be incorporated into the design.

Drawing inspiration from the accessories my client already had and her desire for earth tones and a “World Market” feel, I decided to do a color scheme of gray, red, and yellow with a modern global feel. The black cocktail ottoman was the only furniture piece I used from what she already had. Here are some of the things I found at local stores like At Home (Garden Ridge), Ross, and T.J. Maxx.

Some items were returned/exchanged for others that were more affordable or that better complemented the design. And now cue the drum roll, please…

Here are the newly designed Living and Dining areas!


I absolutely love how everything turned out, and so does my client! Most of all I feel blessed to do what I love doing most, what I feel I’m called to do. The greatest satisfaction any designer can have is witnessing the powerful transformation from before to after and knowing that you made someone smile in the process. My greatest joy is being able to create a great space that a normal, everyday working person can actually afford. I know what it’s like to have champagne wishes and caviar dreams, but your wallet not reflect that. Especially living on one income, I know the importance of shopping smart to achieve a desired look. If you need help in achieving your design goals, I would love to help! I like to think of myself as a designer for everyday people. I offer online consulting as well as personal shopping and installation. (I can even work with you one room at a time.) Please feel free to contact me about design assistance; I would love to hear from you!