A Designed Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are often forgotten in a normal person’s home (model homes always make them look so nice with staging). Whether it’s a small closet behind louver doors or a large space/mudroom, there can still be an element of design incorporated. Here are some laundry rooms featured on Ballard Designs website that are creative, inspiring and practical.


Just adding a little art and accessories like glass jars with items you probably already use (powder detergent, clothes pins, fabric softener sheets) can make the laundry room feel like a nice place to be. I absolutely love the iron safety pins!

Nice woven baskets can replace the typical plastic laundry basket. A beadboard drying rack mounted to the wall saves floor space and serves as art, too.

If your laundry room is large enough, you can add a small table and chair to serve as a folding area.

If your laundry room is lacking storage, you can add a small furniture piece with baskets and/or wall ledges.

A nice bench can turn an average laundry room into a mudroom and provide a place to take off shoes.


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