Adirondack Chair: Spot the NOT!

Just in time for Memorial Day, here’s a special Spot the Not. What’s more all American than a classic red adirondack chair? My first source, that to me is just the epitome of a classic American look, is Pottery Barn. Take a look at their site; there’s nothing but red, white, and blue for Memorial Day! To celebrate this holiday weekend, more than likely there’s going to be a cookout or some type of water involved whether it’s the beach or the pool. People are going to need some place to sit. So, why not the adirondack chair? It’s been a symbol of summer relaxation since 1903 when a host built the first one for guests to enjoy when visiting his Adirondacks vacation home.


Pottery Barn’s Classic Adirondack Chair in red costs $249 with a delivery surcharge of $20 (normally $25). Nice chair, but the price is a little high.

Next is World Market’s Pompeian Red Classic Adirondack Chair for $99.99 with a delivery surcharge of $10. Similar look and comparable dimensions with a much more budget friendly price. Plus you could save even more money by signing up for the Explorer Program. Still, there’s a more affordable option.

Walmart’s FSC Hardwood Adirondack Chair in red is on sale for $79 and you can get free shipping to your home or free in-store pick up. It’s the exact dimensions of the one by World Market, only a couple inches smaller than the PB option. Same look for about $170 less! With those savings, you can buy a little more food for the grill. 😉


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