Bedroom 5/Gabe’s Room

A couple weeks ago, I shared my daughter’s room and now it’s my son’s turn. Gabe is 5 and his room has a superhero theme. It’s perfect for a little boy who likes to play, read, and game. Not much has changed from the design since the old house. Many of the furniture pieces and art came from the basement bedroom that served more as a play room than anything else. The only new things that were purchased once we moved to Charleston were some art from Ross, a couple pillows Mom bought, and a nightlight resembling Spiderman’s hand. So here’s what we have so far.


Bunkbed (old): Target clearance for $99

Dresser (old):  Ikea’s MALM in black-brown for $80

Desk, cart, stool with wheels (old): Walmart at least 10 years ago (They’ve been re-purposed for a while, originally from Mom’s house.)

Easel (old): Christmas gift from MIL and FIL a few years ago

Fabric “Toys” Basket (old): HomeGoods around $6

Blue chair and table with attached lamp (old): originally from Mom

BAM & POW art (old): DIY from posters and markers

Grid art (old): DIY from my graphic designer sister with scrapbook paper and blue masking tape

Letters (old): 9″ white wood letters originally from Gabe’s nursery, covered with scrapbook paper

Bulletin Board (old): DIY with blue spray paint, white yarn and scrap book paper

Red and Blue Fabric Storage Bins (old): Walmart for $10/pair

Spiderman head (old): from a poster my husband brought home from work

Dry erase boards used as art and luggage tags sewn on bins (old): Target Dollar Spot clearance for like $.30 each

Spiderman hand light (new): Target for $30

Vintage comic art (new): Ross for $10 each

Bedding (old): free from Mom (Target clearance for $15 each)

So far, so good! We need a window treatment, a ceiling fan/light fixture and maybe some paint. No complaints from Gabe, though. 🙂


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