This article found on House Beautiful offers 5 great tips for keeping young kids in mind while decorating.


1. Invest in Versatile Storage

My home has places to hide toys everywhere! In my family room, the 6 fabric boxes from IKEA and the storage ottomans conceal clutter as well as the old school toy box in the den.

Family Room

Family Room






2. Choose Upholstery You Can Easily Clean

In my kitchen, I chose to not have any upholstered seating this time for the chairs and stools. Although the sectional is fabric, American Signature/Value City Furniture offers fabric and leather protection so spills are repelled and can easily be wiped off.








3. Bring Outdoor Fabrics Inside

4. Create More Floor Space

I always push the kids’ beds toward the wall so that they have ample room to play, like my daughter’s room.


5. Buy Antiques

Well-made, good quality furniture can withstand the use of any child, like this desk in the loft.


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