Coral Table Lamp: Spot the NOT!

I love a nice nautical/coastal look just like the next designer. Target has both in their home décor collections. You can see the nautical here and the coastal here. I was surprised, though, that neither collection have a white coral base table lamp. There is this one for $50:


Threshold™ Coral Lamp Base

Threshold™ Coral Lamp Base



But there’s not one in white. So, I found this one online.


It’s the Coral Bedside Lamp Base by Pottery Barn for $149. It’s crafted of resin and iron with an acrylic base. Very nice, but expensive.

Next is Pier 1’s Coral Lamp on sale for $100 (originally $125). It doesn’t have an acrylic base, but the shade comes with it, unlike the base from Pottery Barn.

The final option I found is Kirkland’s Coral Crystal Table Lamp on sale for $69.99 (originally $89.99). It comes with a linen shade and has a nice base. Kirkland’s also has a Rewards Program, so you may be able to get additional money of this price, too. The best online deal I found came from Kirkland’s, but stores like HomeGoods and Ross have unique, affordable table lamps; and you may be able to find a similar look.



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