A Couple Family Photos

This past weekend, I finally started to dig out some of the family photos we have stashed in our garage. I think I’ve been dreading it and holding off so long because we just have too many! I’m working on a photo collage in the foyer, and while I contemplated giving up on that project, I uncovered 2 of my favorite family photos. I decided that the perfect place for them would be in our family room, on either side of the tv unit. Here’s that area before.


Family Room

Family Room


And with the photos added.


My friend/photographer Janelle graciously allowed us to be her models for her promo video for Jnelly Photography. She’s based out of Atlanta but travels frequently to capture beautiful moments for clients in other areas, too. Please check out her website, facebook page, blog, and consider her the next time you’re in need of an amazing photographer. Here are more of the beautiful moments she captured.


And here’s more about Janelle of Jnelly Photography.




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