Bedroom 4/Izzy’s Room

My baby girl will be 2 soon and I’ve been working to get her big girl room ready, so she can make an easy transition from crib to bed. The color scheme is pretty much the same as that of her old nursery, but the white accents have been replaced with black. Before we moved, I found a complete bedding set on clearance for $15. It had the same yellow color as her nursery bedding, but no gray and the addition of black. But, $15 for 5 pieces is not bad! Who cares if it’s considered “dorm” bedding.


So with the bedding choice complete, I decided to get a black daybed and spray paint some old things to bring some more of the color into the room. Most of the other pieces are a combination of old things from her nursery and her brother’s room. So, here’s what we have so far!

Daybed (new): Walmart’s Hayley Twin Daybed for $129 and free shipping

Twin mattress (new): Garden Ridge for $72 with 10% off coupon

Bedding (new): Target clearance for $15

Bedskirt (new): Room Essentials® in black for $13

Canopy (new): Ikea’s BRYNE net for $20

Window panels (new): Ikea’s EIVOR Curtains for $15/pair


Drapery rod & hardware (new): Ross for $6

Chest, small dresser, chair, mirror, frames, bling letters (old): DIY

Easel (old from brother’s room): Ikea’s MALA easel for $15

Table (old from brother’s room): Ikea’s LACK side table for $10

Tall dresser (old from brother’s room): Ikea’s KULLEN chest for around $40 (like 3 years ago)

There’s still more to be done to this room, but I think this is a good start. The walls definitely need to be painted, maybe some more pillows on the bed, a ceiling light fixture, and maybe something on the wall next to the mirror and dresser. It’s a work in progress because you’re never quite done designing a space!


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