Baroque Mirrors: Spot the NOT!

Baroque mirrors have been popular for a while now. Modern day replicas are a throwback to the Baroque period dating back to around 1600 wherein everything was produced with a feeling of drama and grandeur. You can find them everywhere; just google “baroque mirror”. For starters, here’s this one by Wayfair.


This Paragon Traditional Wall Mirror costs $236 with free shipping through Wayfair. This seems a little high to me. Here’s a much more affordable option.

Ikea’s UNG DRILL Mirror only costs $40! Of course, it’s smaller in size, but the savings in price are substantial.

The Xhilaration Baroque Mirror from Target costs $30, but it’s even smaller than the one from Ikea.

Another option is to order one from Etsy. They have a vast selection of colors, sizes and shapes. You would be surprised by what you can find at thrift stores and yard sales, too. I found this mirror at Good Will and painted it years ago while I was in college.

Have you found a good deal on a baroque mirror or any other knock-offs? I’d love to see/hear about them!


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