Trellis in a Pot

Recently, we did a little makeover on the front porch to make the entry look more inviting and to add some curb appeal. One of my new additions was a potted mandevilla vine plant that was on clearance at Lowe’s. Mom (who loves some diy gardening, herself) recommended that I plant the mandevilla and get a trellis for it to climb. I couldn’t decide on where I wanted it planted, so I decided to put it in a pot instead. That way I could move it around if I changed my mind on its location. Here’s the mandevilla plant before:


I found a large green pot for $10 at Lowe’s and bought this trellis I saw at Big Lots for $15 (after using my $5 rewards coupon).


The trellis was very easy to put together; it took only about 10 minutes.

While at Lowe’s, I scoped the clearance section for plants and found some other flowers to add around the mandevilla. The salvia (red) and celosia (orange) were both on clearance for $.50 each and the lanai twister verbena for $3 each. I already had some leftover potting soil, so I added a little soil to the bottom of the pot first. Then, I added the mandevilla and covered its roots with more soil. Next, I added the other flowers and a little more soil to make sure all their roots were covered. Lastly, I added the trellis over the mandevilla, pushing the bottom down into the soil and wrapped the vines around the trellis by hand (I added twist ties to keep them secure).

Here’s the front porch area before:

And now:

So much better! I just love how flowers and plants can transform a space!


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