Bedroom 3/Guest Bedroom

A definite perk of the square footage of our new home is being able to have a real guest bedroom for the 1st time. It’s nice to be able to have a comfortable place for family and friends to sleep and enjoy when they come to visit. Like the rest of the spaces in our home, the guest bedroom is a mix of old and new. The color scheme for this space was determined by art and bedding components that we already had from our old master bedroom. Rather than buying new everything for this room, we decided to use a lot of what we already had.


The bed and queen  mattress were purchased new. We chose the Bali Bronze Metal Bed from because of the price and free shipping. Its frame also includes metal slats that support the mattress, so we didn’t need a box spring, too. The mattress was bought for $135 from Garden Ridge using a 10% off coupon.


Nightstands (old): Ikea’s LINDVED Side Table for $20/each

Table Lamps (old): Ikea’s MAGNARP Table Lamp for $13 each

Art (old): Target clearance


The 2 shams and matching duvet folded at the end of the bed came from the king set we used in our old master bedroom.

The comforter, 2 of the shams (the 2 matching the comforter are being used with the bedding in our master bedroom now), and the sheets are from this clearance set bought at Target for $21.

I found this queen bedskirt on clearance for less than $5 and it brings in a little more blue rather than using the gray one that came with the set.

Another clearance find was used to cover an old body pillow we had.

A drapery rod set in the same finish as the bed was purchased from Ross for $5 and MARMORBLAD panels come from Ikea for $15/pair.

With some great clearance finds, bargains, and re-using some old, we have a nice guest retreat that didn’t break the bank!


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