Quick Outdoor Furniture Makeover

So, last week I used some spray paint to change a couple things for my daughter’s room. This week I used some to make my old, dingy porch chairs look like brand new. Here’s how the 2 chairs started out:

I had purchased these resin and wicker chairs probably like 6 years ago from Big Lots. The brown finish was faded, but the chairs’ frames and seats were in sturdy condition.

I used RUST-OLEUM Gloss Black Ultra Cover 2x, and I only had to do 1 coat.

After spraying the first one, it  already looks so much better than the old one.


So much better!!! I have 2 “new” chairs for less than $4 (cost of spray paint). Just need a few more outdoor pillows, and I think my front porch will be done. 🙂


One thought on “Quick Outdoor Furniture Makeover

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