Recent Red Sticker Additions

If you don’t know about Target’s “red stickers”, you’re missing out! Many of the items I find for my home have been marked as clearance, meaning they have red stickers on them. Recently I bought a few items from Target in store and online during their home décor sale. It’s still going on now, and you can get a free $10 gift card when you spend $50 with promo code SAVE10.

Master Bedroom: new nightstand

When I bought it online last week, it was 50% off, making it $40. Getting 2 for the price of 1, free shipping, and a free $10 gift card made this a great steal! I love the style and color of this side table, and it works well as a nightstand especially since it has a drawer.

Study: new lamp shades

These shades were on clearance for 50% off making them $12.48/each. The lamps in the study are at least 7 years old, and the original shades got a little beat up in our move from Atlanta to Charleston. I like the thin gold band on the new shades; it complements the other gold accents in the room well.

Den: new lamp

I moved the lamps from the den into the guest bedroom, so to replace the lamp on my desk I bought this shade and lamp base that were on clearance for 50% off. Together, they make a complete lamp for less than $12.

Family Room: pub table and barstools

This gray pub table wasn’t on sale, but the black version is for $77 (30% off). I liked this color better for the space.

Mom gave us 2 bar stools that she got on clearance for only $9/each.

I needed something for that blank wall in the family room behind the 2 chairs. Here’s what it looked like before:

Since we are using the dining room as a study, we thought it would be a good idea to have an additional space for people to eat. We can move the table closer to the kitchen and add some more stools to accommodate a larger group. Just need to add some accessories/color to that area, as well as the rest of the family room.

Don’t miss out on Target’s home sale! And if you shop there regularly, just peruse the aisles looking for those red stickers. You may find a great deal!


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