Progress: Dining Room (Kinda)

Ok, so this post is supposed to be about our Dining Room; however, we have no dining table nor chairs. Instead of using this space as a traditional dining space, we’ve decided to use it as my husband’s study. Since he’s an avid Bible scholar, his collection of Bibles and inspirational books are proudly displayed, as well as art and accessories that affirm our faith. After all, God is the reason for this beautiful home we’ve been blessed with! It seems only right to honor Him at the entrance of our home and set the right atmosphere for the rest of our spaces.

Sectional (old): from mom 🙂 (originally from Jennifer Convertibles)

Black Side Table (old): Ikea for less than $20

Mirrored Tables (old): Target clearance at $30 each

Desk (old): Coaster Furniture around $150 (like 7 years ago)

Desk Chair (new): FINGAL swivel chair from Ikea for $40

Rug (old): Sphinx Tones by Oriental Weavers

Black Ladder Bookcase (new): Garden Ridge for $63 with 10% off coupon

Drapery panels (new): Ross for $20/pair

Drapery pole & hardware (new): Ross for $5

Wall Quote Art (new): Kirkland’s clearance for less than $5 each

Gold Mirror (old): Target clearance for $12.50

Lamps (old): Walmart

Gold Nate Berkus tray (new): Target clearance for less than $10

Black & white candles and gold holder (old): Target clearance for less than $10

Faux black leather magazine holder (old): Target clearance for less than $20

Gray throw (old): Target clearance for less than $10

Gray Pillows (old): Target clearance for $12.50 each

Other Pillows (new): see below

Black & gold Nate Berkus pillows (new): Target clearance for $7.48 each

White with black & gold pillows (new): Garden Ridge clearance for $3.25 each

Basket under desk (new): TJ Maxx for $10

We love this room so far! Of course, I hate the white walls. Eventually, we’ll add some more art and accessories and replace the old dining light fixture that we took down. Remember, you don’t have to pay full price for anything (unless you want to). I try to save $ on whatever I can, whether it’s buying on clearance, using coupons, or buying from unexpected stores. Need help finding some affordable options? I would love to help!!!


See the updated paint color here!




5 thoughts on “Progress: Dining Room (Kinda)

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