3 Functions in Small Space

Welcome to the den- my office/guest room/kids’ play area & lounge. (I don’t think this room can fit any more slashes). This space may be small, 9×10 ft, but what it lacks in square footage, it makes up for in function. It’s where my son and I can use the computer, where I pay and sort bills and mail, where I can close the door and keep my daughter confined to one area while she plays, and a place where a guest can sleep. I wanted to keep the colors bright and fun, since it’s predominantly a kids’ space. There are touches of the lime and kelly green colors brought in from the kitchen and family room and some pops of orange and teal. The only new pieces bought in this room were the EXPEDIT desk in a black-brown finish, the 2 NESNA nightstands, and the SNILLE swivel chair. The desk easily connected to the EXPEDIT shelving unit that we used in the dining area of our old house. Not only does it hold all the computer components, but it creates a perfect workstation for me to house my design books and magazines and hide clutter in the fabric bins. The small dimensions of the nightstands are a great fit for one on the side of my son’s old daybed and one flanking the end of my workstation to hold a small tv and gaming systems for the kids. Four of the pillows on the daybed came with the sectional we bought for the family room. The leaves over the bed and Disney wall decal add a little whimsy to the space for the kids. Many of the other pieces are things we bought for the old house or items that were given to us (like the toy box that Mom saved from when my sisters and I were little, or the cute dog that Grandmomma gave my son).

I think this room could use some paint and probably a window treatment, but as far as function goes, it meets all of our needs. I can work on the computer and keep an eye on the kids while they watch a Disney movie, read a book, or play with toys. It’s a nice place to hang out if I don’t want little feet roaming through the rest of the downstairs areas. Do you have any small spaces you want to transform in your house?


5 thoughts on “3 Functions in Small Space

  1. So some advice to those of you who can’t wait to get rid of all the old things that belonged to your children. Keep one or two special items that can hold memories that you can pass on from generation to generation. Glad that old toy box is still being used! Ma

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