Charleston, Here We Come!

God never ceases to amaze me! In the summer of 2013, I decided to start a blog to have an outlet and inch my way back into the design field hoping to fill the creative void that being a stay at home mom (SAHM) can leave. In June, my husband and I visited Charleston for a week for the very first time. While there, I started thinking about my blog, colors I liked for the layout, ideas for a logo. I had no clue what I was doing and no idea what to talk about. So, I enlisted (begged/harassed) my younger graphic designer sister to help me out. Thank God for her because she helped with all the technical aspects like the background, menu options, tabs, creating my logo from a simple sketch I made, and all other hard computer things I don’t quite understand. Once the layout was created, then it was time to add some words and photos. I wrote up an “About Me”, added some photos of past projects I did when I worked for a model merchandising firm, and some photos of my home. Then I thought, what else can I possibly write about? My home at the time was pretty much complete and I had/have no clients to speak of to help with before and after makeovers! So, I just shared whatever I could…clearance deals, knock offs of furniture and such, updates on my home decor.

Then in early October 2013, my husband’s boss revealed that there would be a position in Charleston opening up for the same thing my husband already did. He asked me what I thought about him taking the position and after my “why not?” response, he contacted his boss to ask some hypothetical questions and let him know he was interested. His boss was so excited and thought it would be perfect for him to make the move. After prayer and consideration, we acted on our little bit of faith and started the relocation process. We staged our house and put it on the market on November 1, had an open house a couple weeks later and no one showed up! We got no calls and had no viewings. Thanksgiving came around and still nothing. We came back from a family trip to Florida for Thanksgiving and I started my Christmas decorating for the first of December. We had considered lowering the asking price, just to get some traffic. Then in God’s perfect timing someone called to see our place and had an appointment for the first Friday in December. After a mishap with the wrong keys being in the lockbox, they agreed to come back on Saturday to see the place and fell in love with it! After just 2 viewings, we had a contract on our house for the price we deserved and closed in mid January. We were able to find a home in Charleston that we loved and that met all of our needs right before Christmas and closed on it 1 week after closing on our old house. To God be the glory! Only God knew that the city we visited and fell in love with in June would become our permanent home less than 7 months later. We are so excited for this next adventure and to see what God has in store for our family. I’m most excited about making all the design choices in our home and hopefully helping some other people with theirs. Here are some photos of Charleston, the city we are now blessed to call home. Photos of our new home will follow soon, so stay tuned!


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