New Custom Pillow for 99 Cents!

New Custom Pillow for 99 Cents!

I just got this custom photo pillow made by Shutterfly (the photo was taken by Jnelly Photography during a promo video shoot), and I paid less than $1 for it! It looks great in person, too. If you haven’t visited Shutterfly’s site, it’s worth a shot. They give you free prints just for creating a new account. Occasionally, they send you codes for free gifts and discounts via email. Also, some stores give you coupons after making a purchase, like Carter’s and Target. I was able to get this pillow using a $20 offer from Carter’s and a 40% off offer randomly sent to my email. The pillow’s original price was $34.99 ($34.99 – 40% = $20.99 – $20 credit = $.99). I just had to pay the shipping and handling charges. It’s so nice to get a memorable keepsake piece at a discounted price!

This custom pillow now has a new home in our foyer.


3 thoughts on “New Custom Pillow for 99 Cents!

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